Southwest Florida Seminole Club



The SWFL Seminole Club Scholarship Fund was established to give high school graduates the opportunity to receive the quality education experience that Florida State University offers.

It is intended that this Fund exist in perpetuity with the earnings used to fulfill this purpose. The earnings from this fund will provide scholarship support for freshman students at Florida State University who are Charlotte, Collier and Lee County residents.


The number of Scholarships available depends upon the amount of funds available to be disbursed. The SWFL Seminole Club® Board of Directors will review the Scholarship Fund annually and decide on the number of scholarships and amounts to be made available as fund permit. It is envisioned that this scholarship will be $1,000 per academic year split equally between the fall and spring semesters. If less than $1,000 is available, then the available annual net earnings from the Fund will be awarded for the academic year split equally between the fall and spring semesters. The scholarship(s) can be awarded to one or more freshman students. The selection of recipients is to be made by the Florida State University Alumni Association Staff with notification of the recipients’ name and address to the President of the SWFL Seminole Club®.

The Fund may be increased by additional contributions. All contributions shall be considered as principal. Should no scholarship be awarded in a given year, or only a portion of the annual earning used, the earnings or excess for that year are to be returned to principal. All contributions added to this Fund are subject to the provisions of these Guidelines.

If at some future time, the SWFL Seminole Club® or Florida State University Alumni Association Scholarship Selection Committee determines that these Guidelines are inappropriate, the SWFL Seminole Club® shall have the authority to modify these Guidelines.


The Florida State University will recognize the generosity of the SWFL Seminole Club® within the Presidents Club at Florida State University.


1. Scholarship applicants must have applied for admission to Florida State University. Awards are made only to accepted students.

2. Scholarship applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

A. Be a resident of Charlotte, Collier or Lee county and plan to attend FSU as a Freshman, or
B. Be a Senior attending a High School in Charlotte, Collier or Lee county and plan to attend FSU as a Freshman

3. Applicant must enter FSU as a Freshman during the Summer or Fall semester of the award year.

Applicants must submit the following to the Florida State University Alumni Association to be considered for the scholarship award:

1. Application (Deadline: postmarked by or sent electronically by 5:00 p.m. EST, May 1 of award year)

2. Authorization to Release Information

3. Release to use photo/quotes for promotional purposes


1. Freshman from eligible Florida Counties entering FSU in the Summer or Fall semester of the Award Year.

2. Demonstrated Financial Need through FAFSA Form (70% of selection criteria basis)

3. Merit – unweighted GPA and Academic Awards (30% of selection criteria basis)

Announcement of scholarship recipients selected will be announced to the SWFL Seminole Club® in Mid June of award year.

Notification to recipients of scholarship selection will be made on or before July 1st of award year.

Scholarship monies will be distributed after the applicant officially confirms as a full time student.

Scholarship availability to student athletes will be determined by the financial aid office.

Scholarship recipients, at the request of the President of FSU, will acknowledge acceptance of their scholarship by doing the following:

1. Sending written acknowledgement to the SWFL Seminole Club® specifying what the monies will be used for, and

2. Attending an SWFL Seminole Club® meeting/function to be held in the Spring, prior to the Fall term in which the monies will be distributed.